• By Jacqueline Hosford, ASID

"Baby's Got Back"— the sexy seat back

Back in November 2019, I scoured the expansive BDNY (Boutique Hospitality Design Show) show floor at Jacob Javits Center for new resources and solutions and fresh design ideas. OMG! I was mind-blown-inspired by hundreds of utterly fabulous interior design possibilities (I kept thinking to myself, "Gotta find the right client for that"). Awesomely gorgeous fabrics that can withstand use and abuse in a hospitality setting, nifty contemporary furnishings, cool gadgets and luxe room amenities.

Chair seen at BDNY 2019 trade show.  Vendor unknown.

Amid all of this gorgeousness, though, I found myself beguiled by all the sexy backsides on display. Along every aisle, amidst stunning lighting and fabulous surface finishes, I would spy yet another chair with a compellingly designed back. Perhaps you can appreciate the shivers of joyful aesthetic appreciation I felt: each chair a manifestation of deeply intentional, exquisite design in every dimension, the back included.