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 "We love working in our new spaces and are proud to have clients walk into our offices. Jacqueline worked very closely with me on decor and design, all the while being entirely conscious of the budget. I appreciate her attention and follow-through on all of these aspects -as it is critical that I focus on the business of my firm, I needed to trust her to take charge of the project. My trust was well placed.


As with any project there are glitches, but there were relatively few, because of Jacqueline's tireless efforts. Work most often occurred at night or over the weekend, so that our business would not be disturbed, and Jacqueline was on site to make certain that things progressed smoothly and that the security of our building was always maintained.


You are in good hands with Jacqueline Hosford. She will deliver a great personalized design to suit your very specific needs and she will be there all the while to make sure the details are taken care of."

Holly Ostrov-Ronai, Esq.

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