Jacqueline Hosford, ASID, NCIDQ

Principal | Interior Designer

It should come as no surprise that Jacqueline has a keen eye for elegant and graceful interior design. A classically trained ballet dancer, she is light on her feet in bringing a style of design to life that marries traditional elements with a fresh, distinctly modern sensibility. For over a decade her firm has been working with clients throughout the greater New York region on residential and commercial projects ranging from simple design refreshes to architecturally driven construction and renovation.  Drawing upon what is often described as an “innate theatrical flair," she strives to see spaces beyond mere décor, and to craft soulful environments that speak to the way their residents live on a daily basis, as well as to their own–perhaps unspoken–dreams and lifestyle ambitions.

 At the heart of her design process, Jacqueline believes deeply in working closely with each client to inquire, intuit, interpret, express and enhance that client's own innate tastes and preferences. In this way she hopes to encourage a client's individual creative expression, and to create for them beautiful spaces that speak of something richly personal.


As a past president of the New York Metro Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Jacqueline is active within her local community in working to improve and care for public spaces. As an educator at the State University in Purchase, New York (SUNY), she brings her lively and unique worldview to a new generation of aspiring interior designers.


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