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the ultimate design journey


Your design journey begins with you. 

Your ideas, dreams, aspirations.  Your unique personal style.  

Spaces you live in perfectly suited to you, your family, your lifestyle. 

Spaces you will enjoy for years: inspiring, inviting, enduring.


Imagine that great satisfaction being in a space, loving the look, the mood, and knowing that every spot works just as you need it to.  And it's all done better that you ever imagined!

Getting there requires a creative yet methodical process—step by step along a path that we call the Ultimate Design Journey, our signature design service.

Think of it as a fabulous journey through a design process to your dream destination. 

You'll have a seasoned travel guide who'll take you to the most inspiring and worthwhile places to visit (and advise which ones to steer clear of!).  They'll know how to get you there in comfort, avoiding the bumpy road.  They'll take care of all the less-than-enjoyable details and logistics, so you can appreciate the journey.  And when you arrive at your ultimate destination, all that's left for your to do is enjoy life at your glorious ultimate destination.

imagine your own ultimate design journey

It will be carefully planned, designed to suit your needs exactly, while allowing for those inspired moments of exploration along the way so you can enjoy the serendipity of discovery. With all that, we ensure you will still arrive, as planned, at your dream design destination.

This is your Home as you've imagined.

The office that makes work a pleasure.

The play-space that's all the more fun.

how to start your journey

the discovery callWhen you are ready to take the first step, schedule a call with us to discuss your design project needs and dreams.

That’s 20 minutes of focused discussion about your project.  We'll listen to your thoughts, ideas and needs, and ask you some key questions.  Then we'll give you our insight as to your best next steps on your Ultimate Design Journey.

how we guide your ultimate design journey

We've been doing our client-centric design work for over 25 years.  We know that listening to a client's real needs and preferences is crucial and we know how to question, intuit and translate all that into fabulous design solutions.  We believe design talent is in-born, but requires years of training and practice to express it beautifully. We've been told we might be a tad too methodical, and yet that is how to makes the process move forward,  providing a good foundation upon which creativity flourishes. We've honed these myriad aspects into our signature Ultimate Design Journey process—a graceful balance of the creative with the practical.  After all is said and done, we want to ensure that your journey is an enjoyable one.

Discovery Call
Ultimate Design Journey
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