• By Jacqueline Hosford

Homage to the excellent tradesperson

Here's a re-post I wrote some time ago that's worth reconnecting with. I am always so very appreciative to the excellent tradespeople I work with. They make my designs shine and without them, I would have fewer happy clients. Here's to those most excellent folks!

Working both as an interior designer and as a high-end residential construction project manager for many years, I have encountered innumerable tradespeople, from plumbers to French polishers, electricians to custom mirror/glass installers. Here, the golden qualities of reliability, promptness, thoroughness and fine workmanship are treasures to be discovered and once found, honored with appreciation and respect.

But sometimes I've encountered clients who look down their noses at the tradespeople I bring in to work on their home redesign or renovation. Let's take a look at this more closely, and consider how best to view and treat, this great asset—the tradesman or tradeswoman who turn renovation designs and concepts into reality.