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  • Jacqueline Hosford

Inspiration - encourage the flow

I am reposting this one again. Encouraging creativity is always relevant!

Have you ever wondered where creative people get their inspiration? Ideas come from a moment in the mind. Almost anything at all can trigger an inspiration. We all have creativity at some level — the trick is to encourage what you have to flow forth. Fear is the first hindrance to creativity. Let your thoughts flow free and then sort through them, keeping some and tossing most.

So, people ask me, where do you get your ideas. I was thinking about this the other day as I was having a quick lunch at the corner cafe: a mandarin orange salad with grilled chicken. Here is your inspiration — right there in the plastic container.

Fresh rich green of watercress offset by rich purple-red beets and brightened by cheerful mandarin orange. The accent of warm almond cream color adds to the color scheme. Imagine this scheme without just one of those elements. Loses a lot. So there a color scheme based on my lunch! And it's not just color - think of how the various shapes and textures are working together as well. Our visual appreciation of certain combinations is at the heart of interior design and food presentation.

Does this sound nutty? Well, fruity, anyway! And yet, think about it. What sort of a incredibly inviting room scheme could you develop from this salad scheme?

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