• By Jacqueline Hosford, ASID

OLED Lighting – FAR OUT FUTURUSTIC is here!

"Let there be light!": And, boy, oh, boy what we do with it!

Great! You feel all up-to-date having moved on from the old-standard incandescent light bulbs and embraced the LED (light emitting diodes) as a light source! You’ve invested in LED retrofit light bulbs for your home and have that sweet sense of satisfaction that you are being green by being energy efficient. (LED bulbs are highly energy efficient – more expensive upfront but last up to 50,000 hours (five years!) – and are cool to the touch which means little fingers aren’t in harm’s way!)

Well, now there is OLED (organic light emitting diodes). You might know that OLED is something to do with a flat screen TV or computer monitor or any number of small display screen digital devices. The OLED technology has many applications, many of which are still conceptual. But did you know that OLED lighting for your home or office is fairly readily available?

Today’s OLEDs may not yet replace your existing lighting. There are kinks still to be worked out, such as longevity, brightness, etc. But the possibilities are incredible and designers of all stripes are delving into the OLED universe with gusto.

rollable OLED material.

Imagine the design possibilities of a light source so flexible that is can be rolled up like a piece of paper?!

Several weeks back I attended an hugely inspiring OLED lighting exhibition at WhatisyourDNA’s Great Jones Studio.

KUMIKO is a decorative and functional OLED wall lighting application designed by the highly accomplished lighting designer Michiru Tanaka. This product is functional wall art done with light.

wall display using KUMIKO OLED modules by Kaneka

individual OLED modules for KUMIKO panels

(Note: Photography to illustrate lighting effects, is difficult. this is stunning in real life).

35 Great Jones Studio interview - all let with OLED modules