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imagine, create, love

your unique design journey

We are passionate about your design dreams! intoYour design dreams brought to life is our life-passion.

From the glimmer of an idea, to a beautiful, well-considered design, to the meticulous planning needed to make it all come to life. This is the full arc of our comprehensive signature design process.

featured projects

Honoring history with vision.

This 1915 building on East 58th Street has original ornate design elements that we embraced in a wholesale interior renovation of the common spaces from the front entry door to the very roof.

Interior space fully reconsidered.  Utter transformation of a rabbit warren of a two apartments previously conjoined. Viola! A gracious open plan for a couple of former Floridians and their treasured, eclectic collection of various style antique furniture pieces.

Dramatic and utterly livable.

A multi-dimensional space experience.  Designing a room taller than its footprint inspired visually and physically carving up the volume of the room, playfully ignoring the expected boundaries of wall and ceiling planes.  And, poor floor space dynamics were resolved.  

"Jacqueline's understanding of our desire for a tranquil retreat translated into a wonderful space for us.  She is an excellent listener and achieves results which are remarkably tasteful and yet do not appear to be overly "done."                                        
Melissa Zelen-Neier, Larchmont, New York
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